Koen Janssen is a composer from Belgium, currently residing with Dos Brains. He saw his first daylight on February 6th 1981. His passion for music started at an early age, when he was 7 he used his brother’s room as concert hall and with a help of his trustworthy pencil, he conducted his own imaginary orchest on the classical tunes of Mozart and Beethoven. At the age of 10, he attended the local music school where he learned to play the piano. 6 years later he was the proud owner of a buffet piano, a gift from his parents. Every day after school, he sat behind his piano and according to his mood, he played happy or sad tunes. When puberty kicked in, his musical preferences wandered a bit. He started going to parties and got influenced by electro and pounding techno music. Eventualy he started to perfom as DJ at numerous parties and clubs. Not much later he came in contact with the band Cité Soleil who where on the search for a singer. Together they toured the East-Flanders region for 6 years and had loads of fun. After this period of reggae and ska filled performances he started his own band called InnerSyn with a good friend and an American singer. Thanks to an initiatif on SoundCloud he came in contact with Oliver Sadie. From this collaboration, “Almost Found My Peace” was born. It became one of his most popular pieces. This brought him back on the road of classical/orchestral music and 18 months later Koen has grown, and still is, in his musical career thanks to his many collaborations with various artists like Dirk Maassen, Fivos Valachis, Milana, IceRequim, Zefora,… Please do take the time to listen to one of his pieces, you will surely find something that will trigger some feeling deep inside.

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